I am best known for the textbook Darbyshire on the English Legal System 2020 here, my writing on juries and my book Sitting in Judgment - the working lives of judges here. I retired from teaching at Kingston in 2018. I am a professor at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, London Law Centre. I worked at Kingston from 1978. I did my law degree, MA in criminology and PhD in sociolegal studies, in 1971-1978, publishing my first empirical research as an undergraduate. I was a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge in 2005 and a visiting scholar, then lecturer, at the University of California at Berkeley from January 1992 to August 1993. I have been a guest speaker at universities and public venues such as The Hay Literary Festival and to judges, magistrates, lawyers, law teachers and students throughout the world since I was a PhD student. I have presented hundreds of conference research papers. Media appearances include UK newspapers: The Times, The Guardian Online and The Independent, TV and radio in the UK and Ireland, plus interviews and workshop and panel discussions available on the internet. My work has had an impact on law and practice and on academic and public debate. I am in two international collaborative research networks. I love hearing from research students, academics and judges throughout the world.